Educator Resources to bring social justice, global perspective into the classroom

For ACCESS, all aspects of education are important, which is why the organization is expanding and re-launching its offerings of Educator Resources. These resources are available online free to all, including educators who value the positive impact of teaching, and the responsibility to create change and nurture leaders with a global perspective.

ACCESS has worked with elementary and secondary school teachers in developing this series of resources that not only fit curriculum standards, but also help students grow as globally conscious, social-justice aware individuals.

Annalisa Sodhi, an educator who was involved in the development of these resources, expresses that teaching is a vocation and a calling.

We are called to not only educate, but to empower and engage today’s youth. As teachers, we have a great responsibility to teach the curriculum and prepare our students to be well informed and well equipped with the tools and knowledge for a bright future. However, more than ever before, we have a moral responsibility to our students.

As educators, we must look beyond what textbooks can provide, beyond what a classroom can create, beyond how a curriculum can drive our instruction. Rather we must be driven to empower and engage our students to see their lives, their world in a bigger context. We must entrust upon our students that they have the power to make a difference – they have an impact on our world.

ACCESS Educator Resources offer a number of activities, lesson plans and tools that will help educators facilitate discussions and encourage a new moral tone in local classrooms.

Currently the Educator Resource section includes:

  • Lesson plans and retreat ideas
  • Promotional poster contest details
  • Letter-writing to children in developing countries
  • How to host a School Supply Drive and other collections
  • Random Acts of Kindness project
  • Loonie for Learning campaign for the UN World Day for Social Justice
  • Suggested Reading list of picture books for elementary and resources for teachers

ACCESS also facilitates in-school Educational Presentations and Workshops on a variety of related topics. Booking information is available here.

To celebrate the re-launch and expansion of the program and new resources, Toronto-based illustrator Lydia Radewych has created illustrations for the Educator Resources website.

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