Global Action Week 2011: Education for Women and Girls


ACCESS invites you to participate in this year's Global Action Week! Global Action Week is an annual, international campaign to raise awareness and call upon governments around the world to keep their promises and provide Education for All. Each spring, CGCE and members of the Global Campaign for Education around the world are joined by millions of students, teachers and other activists to take part in a simple, but powerful public action.

You can Donate to ACCESS online and promote the importance of Education in your school using our Campaign materials, Educator Resources and the many downloads available for this campaign below.

Global Action Week 2011: Women and Girls’ Education

This year’s theme for Global Action Week, May 2 - 8, addresses the problems that girls and women face in achieving quality education, the numerous benefits to the wider community when women are educated and the various mechanisms and solutions that can be used to help empower women and girl learners across the globe. The “Big Story” action will revolve around story-telling and encouraging people to share stories on women and girls' education. You may wish to share how either you yourself or someone you know has been affected by education, or perhaps why you agree education is an important right. Teachers and community groups will find resources below to help with their “Big Story” events including lesson plans, videos, and stories.


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Download the Schools Pack including the GCE Big Story lesson, GCE Gender Policy Brief, sample letter to politicians and decision makers, and links to primary and secondary curriculum to supplement your Big Story.

Download more learning resources, activities and toolkits:

  • Send My Friend to School Campaign resources
  • “Class of 2015” tells the story of Kaltume, Hadiza and Rukaya who live in central Nigeria. Hear their stories and watch the progress of class two of Kabiji Primary School - due to finish their primary education in 2015.
  • “Journey Back to Tanzania” follows the stories of Maua, Baby, Sophia and Namayani, who live in northern Tanzania. Meet the girls, their teachers and their families and find out about their daily lives and struggles to get an education.
  • Read more about the plight of female learners from the perspective of a grade 10 student in South Africa.

During Global Action Week 2011, ACCESS is hosting it's Youth Making a Difference Workshop for high school students at Called to Action Social Justice conference for elementary students.

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