Workshops on using Social Media for good offered by Brampton non-profit


In-School Workshops on Social Media for Social Good: Educate, Empower, Raise Awareness

A Brampton-based, youth-run non-profit, ACCESS, is addressing the recent social media student suspension news story head-on.

The organization is offering a Social Media for Social Good Workshop for local students, in light of the several Brampton students being suspended for what they tweeted. Twitter is a tool that can be used for good, and does not have to challenge the reputation of students or schools in the media, ACCESS believes.

The workshop gives students the tools to learn how to safely and respectfully deal with anger and frustration, connect with the right people to initiate positive changes, utilize social media networks to make better use of their influence, and build a positive web presence.

This workshop is important because it aims to educate, empower, raise awareness about relevant cyber-bullying issues. It will teach students the academic and employability consequences of social media, and even how to utilize social media networks to make positive changes.

"Social Media is not as much about you, but more about providing an opportunity for others to interact with your cause," said Aminah, Director of Communications & Outreach.

Social media success and disasters, be them from employees, large companies or other non-profits will be discussed as examples (some of which have made headlines and blogs worldwide).

"The workshop will highlight the recent teacher cyber-bullying trends, legal and personal ramifications, and the 'other side' to the story," Aminah explains.

How will it do tackle this issue? By interactively engaging students through a safe, inspiring, and fun atmosphere. The workshop provides opportunities for student Q & A, and is run by students for students, as ACCESS is a youth-run, non-profit organization.

"Being relatable and staying relevant is the key in situations such as these," said Daniel Francavilla, President.

ACCESS already hosts workshops in the community on key social issues for youth, and has been facilitated its Online Activism workshop at the Global Youth Assembly in Alberta, the Canadian Conference on Student Leadership, Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots Youth 4 Action, and more. ACCESS also runs a youth blog called Speak Up for Change, which includes topics such as Technology and Activism.

"Through workshops like this in-person and online, we can work alongside educators and parents in helping to educate, empower and inspire local youth to use social media for social good," Francavilla stated.

To schedule a workshop, ACCESS is encouraging schools to email

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ACCESS is active on twitter at @ACCESSCharity and @SUFCblog.

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