Support Literacy during Global Action Week!

Support Literacy with Global Action Week through ACCESS Charity and the Canadian Global Campaign for Education

From April 20-26, 2009, children and adults around the world are invited to participate in Global Action Week. This year’s theme is Literacy, featuring the Big Read event.

ACCESS is promoting Global Action Week and is encouraging schools, students, and individuals to take action! A webpage has been launched at

Global Action Week is lead by the Canadian Global Campaign for Education, a coalition of NGOs, research institutes, faculties of education and teachers’ federations that are helping more people receive a quality education throughout the world.

The Big Read campaign’s aims to increase awareness of the struggles of those who are deprived of the chance that an education gives them in life. Unable to read, write or count, many cannot defend their rights and are often trapped in a lifetime of poverty. Around the world there are about 774 million illiterate adults, the majority being women. Occurring in over 100 countries, the week is part of a campaign to give every child and adult in the world an education by 2015.

Teachers and students have the chance to join millions by participating in the event through a variety of ways:

  • Fundraise for Children in the Developing World through ACCESS
  • Write About Literacy & Activism on the Speak Up for Change Blog
  • Register Officially for Global Action Week Online
  • Write a Petition to the Government of Canada
  • Download Educator Resources and Curriculum
  • Take Part on the Big Read

Consider participating in support of the campaign for Education for All and ACCESS international education projects. Together, help to become the first generation to ensure that the entire world can have a quality education!

For full details and resources on how to take action during Global Action Week, please visit!

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ACCESS: Allowing Children a Chance at Education, Inc. is a youth-run organization aiming to provide needy children in the developing world with school uniforms and necessary school supplies, enabling them with the opportunity to obtain an education for a successful life. ACCESS also aims to educate North American youth about related world issues, and to inspire them to make a difference globally.

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