Fair Trade products: Great gifts supporting global education


ACCESS firmly believes in helping to improve the quality of life for those in the developing world, and advocating Fair Trade products is one way of doing so. ACCESS is now offering new Fair Trade accessories, available for purchase to support both the labourers who produced the products and global education projects. These affordable crafts make great holiday gifts! The products are provided through Nharo, a Canadian organization which travels to countries like Namibia and purchases goods from artisans directly. Captivated by Africa and its people, their passion and dedication allows Nharo to help marginalized producers and workers move from a position of susceptibility to security and economic independence.

ACCESS is currently offering the following new products, in addition to fairly traded sugar and chocolate:

African Sculptures Statues Tribal Masks

Himba Recycled Waterpipe Bracelets are available from ACCESS for $10 each. They are produced by the Himba, indigenous nomadic pastorlists from the Kunene region of Namibia. The Himba have incorporated recycled water pipe bracelets into their traditional attires. Instead of ending up as clutter in the environment Himba artists collect and accept donations of old PVC piping. Cutting traditional designs into the pipe they create a unique fashion statement popular with everyone from children, teens and adults.

Soapstone Tonga Necklaces are available from ACCESS for only $5. Tonga artisians in Zimbabwe produce a range of fine soapstone pendants with designs such as elephants, zebras, giraffes and the mythical serpent, Nyami Nyami. The pendants are hung on a cord made from the inside of an old tire. The necklaces make great gifts and party favours, and can also be sold to raise funds for ACCESS within schools, for example.

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