Your old or unwanted cell phones can support global education


ACCESS is now offering the opportunity to support both education in developing countries and to protect the environment in a simple way. Schools, community centres and offices can contribute to this initiative by collecting used cell phones.

Cell phones contain over 8 hazardous materials including arsenic, and improper disposal pollutes our air, waste rand soil. These unwanted cell phones can instead be refurbished or safely recycled – and ACCESS receives funds for every phone donated.

Cell Phone Drives consist of collecting old, damaged or no-longer needed cell phones from family, friends, students and co-workers. This provides the satisfaction of being both eco-friendly and contributing to the quality of children’s lives in developing countries – all while getting rid of unused devices.

The average household has 3 cell phones collecting dust in drawers, boxes or closets! Any handset or PDA can be safely recycled through this program. There are no purchases required and ACCESS assists in getting started with this simple, earth-friendly initiative. ACCESS will accept working and broken devices (note that ACCESS receives a larger credit for phones that are useable).

ACCESS and the youth it benefits depend on motivated groups of youth or businesses willing to unite for the common cause. ACCESS invites you to consider hosting a Cell Phone Drive this fall – opening up your community to positive change.

For more details, please visit the Cell Phone Drive page on the ACCESS website at