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Students helping students through Get Artsy

ACCESS Innovation
Students helping students through Get Artsy

Arts Education is Empowering Students

Arts programs improve students’ self-confidence, build communication and prob­lem-solving skills, and prepare young people to be resourceful and creative problem solvers.
The arts develop the kinds of innovative minds and creative skills drawn upon by the entertainment, advertising, design, technical, scientific and other industries in the 21st century workplace.
With education a top public policy priority, the role of the arts in learning is of increasing interest to parents, educators, leg­islators, civic leaders and business owners. And children who study the arts demonstrate stron­ger overall academic performance.

With all of this in mind, one of the students who participated in ACCESS’ programs as a high school student, is now starting her own program — and we’re supporting it. With experience planning and teaching a variety of programs (including art) to Brampton youth, Valerie Paniccia has seen how important art can be in youth development and has a vision to make this opportunity accessible to all. Valerie has a passion for both art and social justice and is in a Concurrent Education program in hopes of making a change in the lives of youth.

Supporting Local Youth through the Get Artsy Program
The goal of Get Artsy is provide art classes to youth who are otherwise unable to access this type of much-needed education.

The program will help youth become aware of career options, open their mindset, create a safe space and a sense of community, and learn to express themselves through the arts.
Through weekly classes led by youth facilitators, including peer learning, guest speakers and mentors, the first round of our 12-week program will take place in Brampton and is open to all youth in need.

Why is Get Artsy different from other art classes?

As a non-profit organization, it will provide FREE art classes for youth who may not be able to afford other programming. It will also be located at the schools themselves (or very close by) right after school, which means easy access for participants. Rather than simply focusing on art skills, Get Artsy’s program planning will combine art skills with life skills such as self-confidence, dealing with issues, socializing with peers, and more.
Support Get Artsy and Make Arts Accessible to All Youth here.

Stats provided by the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies (NASAA)

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