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Allowing youth the opportunity to make a difference and carry on the work ACCESS began 12+ years ago as high school students.

Applications for The ACCESS Fund are open. 
The Deadline to apply for the 2019 Bright Ideas Pitch was December 21, 2018.
(Please read the background info first, and apply using the form at the bottom of this page).

The ACCESS Fund has supported several youth-led initiatives, including the select few featured below. For announcements on funding, please visit

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Since our 10th anniversary in 2016, ACCESS has been allocating a majority of the funds raised for our projects over the majority of the organization’s history (raised by the hundreds of school presentations, events, fair-trade products sold, and more, all to raise funds for international projects) to new youth projects. We are now transforming those funds into impact, which includes a few overseas projects with our international partners, and supporting youth-led groups who can grow the funds and allocate them to larger projects. The ACCESS team is looking forward to seeing the impact these funds will make, which we have made a very conscious effort to save (and not allocate toward operations, supplies, or promotions). The funding has been saved up over the last several years and we look forward to making an impact through new projects.

Who Should Apply?

Youth-led organizations, student groups or individuals with an idea to create social change and make a positive impact in their community or abroad. We are funding both local and international projects that focus on youth empowerment, education and entrepreneurship. Social enterprises or social-purpose businesses are welcome to apply.

Themes for 2019 include Education, Mental Health, Empowerment, Creativity/Arts, Entrepreneurship and Leadership.

  • AMOUNT: You may request up to $1,000 per project and can re-apply multiple times.

  • DEADLINE: December 21, 2018 was the deadline to be considered for the January 2019 edition of the Bright Ideas Pitch. However, you may still apply to be considered for future opportunities.

  • LEGAL: You do NOT need to be a registered charity, incorporated non-profit or business. Grassroots groups and youth-led projects will be considered equally.

Where to Apply

In addition to the online form on this page, applicants have the opportunity to pitch in-person at events in Southwestern Ontario. Approved ideas will be provided with an invitation via email.

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Apply to the access fund

online application

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