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Students gain Momentum at annual PSPC leadership Conference

Events, LocalACCESS

Local students apply to learn leadership, teamwork, communication and more at annual 4-day conference

The PSPC Spring Conference is a four-day, three-night leadership experience for youth hosted by the Peel Students Presidents Council. This year's conference will take place March 5 – 8, 2015 at Camp Trillium, and ACCESS is pleased to help support this completely youth-led event.

Student delegates have the opportunity to learn from their peers who are presented as "Leadership Developers". Through group sessions such as Teamwork, Communication (which ACCESS is sponsoring), Conflict Resolution and more, delegates are able to enhance their leadership skills and better reach their potential. Keynote speakers motivate and educate the students about social awareness, helping to reinforce the idea of leadership.

Over 160 youth from the Peel Region, ranging from grades 9—12, have been selected through an in-depth application process.

The name of the conference this year is Momentum accompanied by the tagline, "It Ignites". The PSPC team explains the meaning of the name:

"Momentum is more than just a physics equation, it’s a word used to describe something that continues onwards; something that doesn’t stop. We decided to name our conference Momentum this year because we wanted to remind everyone that the skills and mindset brought about from the conference experience should not simply stop once the conference ends. You can learn a lot of things from conference, but it’s your job to keep that momentum going and not let your experience turn into just another memory. As for why it ignites; well for something to begin, and start moving, it needs that first push right? That push being the 4 days you spend at Momentum."

ACCESS has presented at multiple PSPC events in the past and the organization is also a member of the Youth Roundtable, an ACCESS-mentored initiative.

The Peel Student President’s Council is an independent youth led organization that works in harmony with the Peel District School Board to provide its students a multitude of leadership opportunities. The council was created in order to develop a strong line of communication between the students of Peel and the school board. The PSPC strives to develop student leaders within Peel by providing them with opportunities to get involved within their local community. We hold several different events throughout the year to help influence student leadership as well as help students to network, collaborate and learn from one another.