ACCESS offering RHYTHM for youth to learn through breakdancing


This Spring, ACCESS has added a new format to Speak Up for Change Workshops: Breakdancing. Working with RHYTHM, ACCESS will be helping to teach youth how to express themselves through breakdance, through a 12-week dance program.

Not only is RHYTHM about learning how to dance, it is about giving youth accessibility to foster their interests and professionally develop — not only as artists, but also as people.

The program is designed to promote creativity, confidence, self-esteem and healthy-active-living.

RHYTHM-Pose"Youth learn about dance as a positive outlet for emotions (both negative and positive), as a method of conflict resolution and as a framework to express and understand their own cultures and the cultures of others," says Damon Pfaff, Program Manager.

Rather than teaching a few dance moves, the RHYTHM program engages youth in various activities to develop them physically and emotionally, and to make them more culturally sensitive.

"This program is really about bringing youth together through a shared passion for the arts. Students learn to unite and create as a community. We discuss media, social issues, self awareness and really dig into what role art and dance play in social change. We want to see these youth become leaders through creativity and collaboration."

There are two classes a week with two dance teachers per class, local volunteers and important special guests from the arts community. There will be guest performances, rare videos and giveaways. Students  enjoy a variety of activities that focus on technique, personal and interpersonal skill building. As their skills develop, they will also participate in discussions and get the chance to view hard to find media related to b-boy/b-girl culture. As a culminating activity, the RHYTHM classes will conclude with a public final performance.

Programming is open to all youth (12-24 years old). The lessons start from the basics so beginners are welcome.

Registration and Program Dates will be available at in late May. For more information on the program, please email