MISSISSAUGA – The Young Leaders Council (YLC) is contributing to a very important conversation through an exciting event on April 24, 2014 at Studio 89 with ACCESS. Youth leaders are invited to be a part of the Community Connections Committee’s very first workshop, Creative Solutions for Youth Employment. The YLC strives to connect active and emerging leaders to United Way of Peel Region to promote the engagement of youth within Peel. The YLC aims to be a connector, a voice and a thinker for youth, and this event promises to be all of those things.

The team is proud to have great speakers from the non-profit and corporate worlds to share their experience. The event will feature Daniel Francavilla from ACCESS and Now Creative Group, Mike Prosserman from UNITY Charity and Tim Iqbal from ITWT Consulting. Each will share an interesting perspective on the issue of youth employment, providing great perspective for young leaders.

The public event is free for all and Fair Trade Coffee and treats are available at a great youth-run venue with some amazing speakers. Tickets are available online here.

Creative Solutions for Youth Employment

If you have any questions or would like to register for free, please contact Jen Davis at jdavis@unitedwaypeel.org or 905-602-3622.