Submit a written piece about Education and the Developing World to be featured online


Education for youth in the developing world, paired with local youth activism, is the core focus of ACCESS. A local youth program of ACCESS is an online blog called Speak Up for Change. The blog accepts submissions from youth and organizations locally and around the world about important social justice issues, including access to education. Until October 30, ACCESS and Speak Up for Change are inviting youth to contribute to the blog and Panorama, a TakingITGlobal online publication, on the topic of Education and the Developing World.

Contribute an opinion piece, interview, short story, or poetry. There are word count requirements and other submission guidelines from Panorama available here.

Submissions will be published online at and included in Panorama online magazine.

An Important Topic: Education and the Developing World

Education is the most powerful tool that people can have. Education can inspire and it can enable. Everyone has been student and a teacher in some way in their lives. We all learn and we all teach. But what is the importance of education? How crucial do you think it is to the development of young minds and to the state of the world in general? What impact does education have, personally or globally?

Many projects in the developing world, including those of ACCESS, are focused on education. Share your experiences working with any of these projects. Or personally, has education allowed you to go far in life? Do you greatly value your education? What has your education taught you about the developing world, poverty, globalization, and privilege? Has your education inspired and enabled you to help others?

In honour of literacy, teachers, and students, let’s join Speak Up for Change and Panorama to talk about the importance of education!

Questions and Submissions: Naomi Leanage, Editor Speak Up for Change

“Education is not filling a bucket, but lighting a fire” - William Butler Yeats