Following a journey to Haiti

It has already been half a year since the January 2010 Earthquake that devastated Haiti.
Four university students from Ontario will be travelling to Jacmel, Haiti on behalf of ACCESS for a 10-day trip to bring hope and support. From July 26 through August 4, Andrea Gigliotti, Aminah Haghighi, Daniel Francavilla, and Jon Pryce along with educators from the GTA will be engaging with locals and facilitating various programs for Haitian youth and community members, as well as delivering much-needed supplies.

The travelling students fundraised independently to cover the costs of their modest trip, the majority of which consists of airfare, and are passionate about persing this opportunity. Each has shared their personal story on the ACCESS in Haiti website here.
Updates and photos directly from Haiti will be posted at Currently, details about the trip and how you can contribute are available on the website.
Haiti's earthquake leveled much of the capital Port-au-Prince, killing nearly 300,000 people and leaving 1.3 million living in makeshift tent camps exposed to tropical storms in Haiti. The reality is that today, these tent camps still exist and are filled with people. This first-ever trip to Haiti for ACCESS members will be no short of an eye-opening and inspiring experience.
Wilfred Laurier University student and ACCESS executive member Jon Pryce stated that he "hopes that this trip to Haiti will provide me with an relentless desire to continue relief work from home". Jon recognizes that, "without experience it is hard to see the complete picture of what you’re fighting for." Andrea Gigliotti, who graduated from teacher's college this spring, acknowledged that, "it is my job as an educator to create a more giving and brighter future," and that she is excited to visit the school in Haiti and to work with the students there.
"This isn’t like my trip to the Dominican, being exposed to poverty. Haiti isn’t exposing us to its reality, its giving us a reality check," explains Aminah Haghighi. Daniel Francavilla, ACCESS founder, answers the question Why Haiti? by sharing, "it’s full of opportunity. It’s also an opportunity to make a difference, to show the world we care, to bring hope."
ACCESS will continue to accept donations during and after the trip, to fund yearly costs of elementary and secondary school students and other education needs in Haiti. Please visit to learn how to make a financial contribution.

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