Shop with purpose while supporting ACCESS online

If you could donate a percentage of every online purchase you make to ACCESS to support education projects, would you do it?

We hope so! lets you do this, with more than 900 online merchants. Just click through the marketplace and shop on your favourite online stores as you normally would, and a percentage will be automatically donated to ACCESS.

Not sure when or where you would use this? Participating merchants include retail, travel, financial services, and quite a bit more. Book your flight and hotel. Rent a car. Shop for books. Apply for a mortgage. Buy furniture and household items. Send gifts. Search for apartments. Pick out a cell phone plan. Order web hosting and office supplies. Subscribe to magazines, newspapers, DVD services, and even satellite TV.

Planning on buying a book from Chapters or Indigo? Next time you are, you can support ACCESS online!

You can also install the plug-in for Internet Explorer or Firefox. With a plug-in, your donations will count (even if you forget to visit

ACCESS benefits from all of your purchases through - the program costs nothing for ACCESS, and there's no extra charge for you. Not only can you give, you also have access to special offers and discounts.

Enjoy being an occasional shopper or even a "shopaholic" while using to extend your dollar from just your favourite book or pair of shoes to the comfort of knowing that you helped a worthy cause, ACCESS!

ACCESS: Allowing Children a Chance at Education, Inc. is a youth-run organization aiming to provide needy children in the developing world with school uniforms and necessary school supplies, enabling them with the opportunity to obtain an education for a successful life. ACCESS also aims to educate North American youth about related world issues, and to inspire them to make a difference globally. For more information and resources, please visit

Kody Robinson, Public Relations Coordinator

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