We Want Change!

ACCESS would like to present "Change", a video and poem created entirely by two Brampton high school students, Jennifer Paul and Kevin Saychareun as a contest submission. It won Best Overall in its group and Viewer's Choice in the Kaleidoscope Real World Video Challenge Contest, an online video contest to get youth across Canada thinking about and getting involved in global issues. The winning video, and original poem, are posted below.

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"Change" Poem

Day by day
Time goes by
I keep dreaming, hoping and wishing
That life will pass me by

They walk right past me
Barely stopping to stare
They look right through me
I doubt they even care...

How I ended up here?
That doesn't matter...
Will I be here tomorrow?
I'll worry about that in the latter.

I'm just one star
In a galaxy of many
I'm just one man
In a world full of plenty
But if I can make a difference?
in this world full of many?
Then maybe I can the be Sun
For one planet of plenty

And though I may go hungry tonight
Through the darkness, I will be the light.
And though my pockets are full of lint and air
I will be the difference, I will make people care.
And despite the fact that I'm malnourished and cold,
I will fight this fight until the day I grow old.

You see, if people dropped change
instead of coins
And if people made love
Instead of noise
And if people saw the heart
Inside of this man
Then maybe people would find the courage
To take a stand.

If only people did that...
the world would spin round,
and every single person-
would be heaven bound...

You see, I'm not crazy
I'm not deranged.
Keep your coins.
I want change.

Written by Jennifer Paul © 2008
Directed by Kevin Saychareun
Starring Michael Onabolu

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