ACCESS programming and operations are guided by the following Values and Principles:

Meaningful Development

  • Our actions address the genuine, priority needs of the target community
  • Our actions result in a long-term sustainable positive change in the target community
  • Our actions require the involvement and ownership from members of the target community

Empowerment Opportunities

  • Our actions provide opportunities for growth at individual, group, and societal levels by providing the space and support to develop skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary to pursue innovative opportunities
  • Our actions help guide leaders, who possess an internal, self-generated a sense purpose and passion, create the impact they want to see

Inspiring Innovation

  • Our actions promote unique ways of thinking, in order to address the needs of target communities
  • Our actions spread and share the stories and experiences of those who are or have been on the ground, in order to inspire action and creativity

Challenging Root Causes

  • Our actions address the underlying causes to the problems being addressed
  • Our actions challenge existing assumptions
  • Our actions promote deeper more critical thinking into the purpose and outcome of what we do

Leveraging Diversity

  • Our actions recognize the strength and passions of others, and provide them with the space to take action
  • Our actions recognize the level and potential of existing resources within our networks
  • Our actions provide a safe-space for the generation of ideas
The Greatest Advertising Method Ever

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There are many ways that you can advertise your website social media, e mail marketing, reciprocal links, newsletters, pay per click, contextual ads, banners, ezines, etc.

However, in my not so humble opinion, for pure longevity and cost effectiveness, one method stands head and shoulders above all others article marketing. Let me rephrase that correctly applied article marketing. Because there a right way, and a wrong way to do article marketing. But I get to that later.

So what exactly is article marketing?

In a nutshell, article marketing is a form of advertising in which businesses write articles relevant to the nature of their business, and/or the products they sell. These articles are then distributed and published in the marketplace. If what you written is interesting, readers will be compelled to click on the link in your resource box, which takes them to your website or a landing page of your choosing.

So what makes article marketing the wholesale nba jerseys china greatest advertising method ever?

Well, there are several cheap jerseys things:Well written articles that actually help the reader solve a problem, have the potential to establish you as an expert in your field, and give you an important edge over your competition. This added credibility can have a profound effect on your bottom line. Because as consumers, we tend to buy from companies we know and trust. That is why brand names are so powerful. They earned our trust over the years, and as a result, we willing to pay more for brand name products.

However, psychologically, it goes much deeper than that. Over time, prospects have become increasingly suspicious and distrustful of advertisements. So when they see an advertisement, their defensive shield automatically deploys. Getting past that shield can often be difficult, and can have a significant impact on your conversion ratio, as well as your ROI.

On the other hand, when prospects read a well written, informative article that they themselves sought out, their mindset is entirely different. Their defensive shields are down, because they not reading an advertisement so there no reason to be on alert.

As a result, when prospects arrive at your website, they are more relaxed and less apprehensive cheap nhl jerseys china because they arrived willingly without sales pressure, trickery or hype. And because they just read your article, there is a certain degree of familiarity and trust already established greatly increasing the chances that they will purchase whatever it is that you selling.

2. Branding

Small Business Expert, John Jantz (Duct Tape Marketing) describes branding as art of becoming knowable, likable and trustable. And while that an extremely simple definition, it also profoundly accurate. Because while branding has a variety of definitions, they all have the same end game the same goal. And that goal is to become well known, well liked, respected and trusted.

So how does writing articles pertain to branding? Each time you write an article, and readers click on the link wholesale jerseys in your resource box and visit your website, you are building your brand. Because through your articles, people are getting to know you, and hopefully getting to like, respect and trust you. And if you consistently write quality articles that actually help people solve their problems, that will go a long way toward gaining their trust.

3. Targeted Traffic

All traffic is not created equal, and the best kind of traffic is quality, targeted traffic which is exactly the kind of traffic article marketing generates. Let me elaborate on that: People generally gravitate towards information that focuses on the subject matter that they interested in.

For example, people who own tropical fish will read information related to tropical fish. Food lovers will read information about cuisine, and so on and so forth.

So when you write articles on a specific topic, readers of your articles are already targeted. And if your proposal is at all relevant to the subject matter of the article itself (which it should be), you have a better than average chance of converting readers into customers.

4. Search Engine Optimization Benefits

Article marketing has several important SEO benefits. First of all, if your article is well written and offers real value (which it should), it will be linked to by many quality, relevant websites. These links are known as inbound links, and are important because they among the principal criterion that search engines use to rank websites.

In theory, the more quality, relevant backlinks you have pointing to your website, the higher your site ranking within the search engines. Again, in theory.

Speaking of ranking, have you noticed that whenever you do a search for information on a particular subject, most of the top search results are usually articles?

That because search engines love content, and prefer a page full of relevant content, as opposed to a page full of links, banners, images or Adsense ads. If you would like to rank highly for specific keywords, article marketing can help you achieve that goal.

By including your keywords in your article title and throughout your article, depending on where your article is published and the popularity of your keywords, it could very well end up on the first page of the search results.Articles Connexes: